Who We Are?

Acoustic Division was born out of the association of Wide Audio and Roar Media. Wide Audio is a company specialising in the development of high-end speakers and professional microphones. Roar Media is an audio production and post-production studio involved in the construction of professional studios, where acoustic requirements need to be of the highest quality. Following requests from architects and designers in Shanghai, the two companies decided to join force to create Acoustic Division with the goal to offer tailor-made acoustic and soundproofing solutions for public and private locations


Acoustic treatment has been used as early as in Roman times, using amphora for frequency traps in theatre. However, nowadays in common professional spaces, acoustics are often neglected, even though people spend most of their waking day there. Scientific studies have shown that the absence of acoustic treatment can cause up to a 30% loss in productivity and net income. At Acoustic Division, we produce acoustic treatment for a reasonable budget, using reputable locally produced materials, along with our experience, expertise, and know-how. We can provide offices, meeting rooms, co-working spaces, bars, restaurants and other public spaces with improved comfort for thousands of users and staff that will enjoy :

  • Less fatigue, and longer hours in the room
  • Greater focus
  • Better quality for online communication
  • Better offline communication
  • Clearer close conversations
  • A More privacy (as other conversations will be damped)

How We Do It !

Step 1

Assess the client needs Run acoustic simulations – (STI, RT60)


Step 2

2D and 3D Floor plan

Step 3

Find the best compromise of acoustic solutions v.s. design, and creating solutions accordingly

Step 4

Provide a 3D photorealistic preview when needed

Step 5

Design custom made products and provide technical drawings and videos for the installation

Step 6

Supervising the installation and making final tuning tests

Our Team

RM features a versatile team of international professionals from France, the US, Switzerland and China, at your service.

Manels Favre
Music Producer / Sound engineer / Founder

Manels Favre, founder of Roar Media, is a classically-trained French/Swiss/Belgian composer, sound designer and sound engineer with a Master degree in Cinema and New Media from La Sorbonne (Paris).. Over his 25-year long career, he has scored hundreds of projects, including theatrical films and animation series. Many of the projects he scored went on to win major awards, such as Erika Tasini's « Winter Sea » and Martin Donovan's « Collaborator ».

Nunu Kong
Project Director
With a professional background in theater directing and choreography, Nunu.Kong is also a multi-disciplinary producer who has been active in contemporary art, as well as in business creative projects. Her bright, agile and responsible personality has led to outstanding results in many projects/productions she has worked on both domestically and internationally.
Michael hough
Composer / Sound Engineer / Location

Michael Hough is an experienced Sound Engineer, Mixer, Composer and Music Producer.  He studied music in the United States and has composed and produced soundtracks for film, television and commercial content.  Michael specializes in the use of vintage-style analog synthesizers and creative sound editing to produce his musical soundscapes. You can find his work featured on various global ads and movie trailers as well as the experimental electronic musical act « Koboto » available to stream on Spotify or Apple Music worldwide.

Lucas Rousselot
Sound designer
Lucas is a French engineer with dual master’s degrees in sound engineering and sound design (GRETA, ENJMIN). He has worked in animation and video games, including at UBISOFT for many years.
Mathias Rousselot
Matthias is a French Composer and a graduate of the French National Conservatory in piano, guitar and cello. He composes for different rock bands and has produced many song for TV shows in Europe and China.
Project Coordinator

With nearly 15 years of experience in art galleries in Shanghai and in Beijing, Cola has great insights of art forms such as painting, photography, sculpture, music, film and television, installation and so on. She has also participated in the creation of contemporary art works and assisted in curating of many exhibitions.