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Experience unforgettable events with Roar Media's exceptional audio solutions. From music libraries to immersive audio and sound installations, our team of experts will take your event to the next level.

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Roar Media is equiped with the highest quality microphones and preamps to record amazing sound for voice, foley, instrument and more... all in one in our fully soundproofed and treated studios.


Our in-house production team can provide a variety of services depending on your project’s needs. We can create custom tracks from your ideas, or guide a band to the best possible performance.


If you don't want to create original music, Roar Media can help you select and license existing music. We also have a library of license-free music available.

Once the cues have been selected and licensed, Roar Media will edit and master the tracks so they can be inserted in your project's soundtrack.


Roar Media’s experienced sound recordists can travel to your location no matter where you are. We use highest quality Cinema/TV production microphones, mixers and recorders to capture the sound on productions ranging from big budget motion pictures to simple corporate videos and everything in between.

Voice Over

The studio own high end microphone including a Flea 47 Vintage microphone with a Neve 1073dpa preamp who gonna bring to your voice depht, clarity and the crisp of a high quality recording.

Sound Design

Whether it is post production for film or a music track that needs a bigger sound, we can help bring to life whatever it is you hear in your head.

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